LaPiS 001 – Summer Fruit

By: Leap of Faith

Jun 20 2008

Category: Lasang Pinoy Sundays


My daughter, Marga, loves apples (hence the heart).  She eats a mouthful for dessert every time we buy these in the grocery.

I remember when I was younger apples were very expensive since these had to be imported mostly from the United States.  Because of this, we only had the privilege of eating this fruit during our New Year celebration. Nowadays, you can buy apples anywhere in the Philippines from a small fruit stand in Quiapo to any village grocery.  The prices too have become more affordable since then.

Thanks for checking out my first Lasang Pinoy Sundays entry.  Hope to see you again soon. 




10 comments on “LaPiS 001 – Summer Fruit”

  1. eat your heart out!!! wow, keith, did you carve that heart out yourself? if you did, then either you are taking this lapis blog seriously (creative juices flowing to the max), or you’re just bored-to-death and amusing yourself to the fullest. 🙂 nonetheless, i enjoyed your first lapis blog! keep on clicking away!

  2. first thing i asked myself was, is there a cookie cutter that is heart-shaped and this tiny? if this is free-hand, then you’re good!oh i remember that time, when we look forward to the holidays partly because of the apples and the grapes:)
    hwy thanks for supporting Lapis Keith! and putting it up on your header [which btw, i cannot integrate on my current layout:(]
    and if you have a theme suggestion, let me know ok? see you pon the next round!

  3. hwy…is hey
    pon…is on! sowi:)

  4. marga sure knows that an apple a day keeps the doc away! or maybe she just loves her apples, period!

    cute photo!

  5. awww….
    that heart carved out from the apple is so sweet!

  6. i’m rendered speechless. 🙂

  7. ok tong lasang pinoy gusto kong i try! ganda rin ng curvings ^_^.

  8. Wow! So you’ve also joined Lasang Pinoy ha? Galing!

    Loved the composition of this one… you just keep getting better and better huh! Proud of you! Mwah!

  9. so creative! 🙂
    love the shot!

  10. ang cute naman keith!! kaya lang if i do that with our apples, baka hindi kainin ni ninna because it looks so pretty! 😀

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