LaPiS 002 – Dessert

By: Leap of Faith

Jun 22 2008

Category: Lasang Pinoy Sundays


Birthdays are always special occasions for our family.  Before our children turn one year old, we always celebrate their monthly birthday with a small gathering at home.  My wife normally cooks food and we buy a birthday cake to commemorate the event.

When we were back in the Philippines, we would normally order cakes from our favorite pastry shop (i.e. Conti’s and Red Ribbon).  We would also order specially made character cakes for the sixth month.  My first two children, Luigi and Rafael, enjoyed these moments.

My daughter, Marga, however grew up here in the Mid East, where unfortunately pastry shops are less common.  Despite their love for sweets, the Arabs usually buy their desserts in the local grocery but, like most Filipinos, I must say that the sweets they sell do not usually pass my discriminating taste buds (naks!).

On my daughter’s 11 month birthday, my wife decided to make her own birthday cake pie.  Since she is not an expert in baking, she decided to just buy the no bake Gello mix from the grocery, which disappointingly tasted like wax!  If I were to rate the pie solely on presentation and effort, I would have given it an “A.” Don’t you agree that my wife’s special birthday pie looks absolutely delicious on picture?  In my opinion, the luscious strawberry garnish and lighted candle did the trick.

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6 comments on “LaPiS 002 – Dessert”

  1. I remember this!!! Unfortunately, as you said, it failed miserably on the taste test 😦

    Pero, you’re right, it’s a definite A+ on presentation – if I may say so myself! 😉

  2. Too bad. The strawberries look yum indeed!

  3. i aree. i love the presentation! 🙂
    too bad about the taste, though…

  4. that presentation has got to have an A definitely! and the effort? A+++! super definitely! hey, you might want to register on the Lasa portal, so you get email updates too on the goings-on:) the link is on my page!

  5. Can’t go wrong with presentation when using strawberries. They always look delicious!

    You just reminded me, I can make this dessert tonight! I was just wondering what would be good to make for a hot summer’s dessert, and this is it! If that instant taste didn’t pass, try this Peach Royale recipe. It’s not quite instant, but the ingredients are all ready made and very easy to make.

  6. ok lang yan keith (and pinky), ask any professional chef and they’ll tell you that presentation is 80% of any dish. 🙂 which reminds me, i have to put up my lapis entry na rin pala, haha!

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