LaPiS 003 – Grilled

By: Leap of Faith

Jun 29 2008

Category: Lasang Pinoy Sundays


Shiesh Tawook or better known to the Filipinos living here in Saudi Arabia as Grilled Chicken.  This dish is available in any restaurant here in the Kingdom.  The presentation usually varies but it is commonly served with unleaven bread, french fries, tabouleh (vegetables), pickles and garlic flavored mayonnaise.  To date, this has become one of my favorite Arabic dishes.   

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8 comments on “LaPiS 003 – Grilled”

  1. That dish sounds delicious! My daughter gets something similar at one of the Greek restaurants here, wrapped in pita and has the tabulleh and vegetables inside.

  2. hi Keith!
    just wondering if the meat tastes the same as ours, well you know…salty sweet…probably not huh? maybe it tastes more like the chicken satay they have in Brunei, more salty than sweet…
    J, is that the Greek gyro you’re referring to? i miss that too!
    well thanks again for joining!

  3. unleavened bread? that sounds so biblical! hee hee. basta, i like my barbecue with rice…jave (the aristocrat style), fried or plain. 😀

    La.Pi.S.: Grilled

  4. Wow, am suddenly having shish tawouk cravings… (*tummy rumbles*). Wonder if the Cafe Med version is as good? 😉

  5. i am thinking of Malay nasi ayam and Thai kai yang….
    gutom! waaahhhhh!!!!

  6. tama si munchkin mommy, parang biblical ang dating ng food pic:D pero, sarap pa rin tingnan 🙂

  7. hi keith, reminds me of aristocrat chicken minus the bread and the other sidings. atchara ang garlic rice ang pumapasok sa isip ko, hehe! 🙂 i’ll try that next time na makapunta kami sa mideast cuisine resto. 🙂

  8. Wherever we go, inihaw will always be a part of a pinoy’s palate, kahit iba ang lahok matutunan pa din nating mahalin…Sarap naman niyan, pahingi! 🙂

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