LaPiS 015 – Fried to a Golden Brown

By: Leap of Faith

Sep 21 2008

Category: Lasang Pinoy Sundays


Everytime we eat in Zyng Asian Grill Restaurant our boys order this fried golden brown sweet and sour chicken, which is served with mixed steamed vegetables and jasmine rice.  Surprisingly, whenever they eat this, they finish everything on their plate.  I guess the appeal of fried food is really too hard to resist, especially for growing kids like ours.

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10 comments on “LaPiS 015 – Fried to a Golden Brown”

  1. My hubby likes sweet and sour in anything fried…I agree with you, I fry burgers for viand and they couldnt resist. =) Dami ko ng namiss both sa LPs (Lasang Pinoy and Litratong Pinoy). Glad to be back!

  2. Yummy! i, too, can’t resist the temptation of fried food. lol. 🙂

  3. Thanks for stopping by my LaPiS this week, Keith! Well, kahit naman sino ma-serve ng ganito ka-appealing na food matatakam din eh! Hehehehe.

  4. Fried food definitely makes for a quick foodie fix everytime 🙂 Just hate the clean-up that inevitably comes after it (*eeewwww!!!*).

  5. wow presentation palang masarap na 🙂

  6. i second g, M loves anything sweet and soury…he even orders extra sauce from the Chinese resto for his cheats-do-it-yourself sweet and sour fried to a golden brown anything!

  7. chicken meatballs! I bet my girls will love this dish too, especially with the sweet and sour sauce. Nice photo.

  8. sweet and sour chicken is one of my faves 🙂 yummy!

    Serving mine here Golden Brown

  9. sweet and sour are the magic words. hee hee! 🙂

  10. sadly, hindi mahilig si mister ko ng sweet and sour kaya the only way na makakain ako niyan is if i order it when we eat out. 🙂

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