LaPiS 016 – Rice, Rice, Rice

By: Leap of Faith

Sep 28 2008

Category: Lasang Pinoy Sundays


This is Chicken Biryani, a common dish which is served here in the Middle East. Per Wikepdia, this “is a family of primarily South Asian rice dishes made with spices, rice (usually basmati) and meat/vegetables. It was spread throughout the Middle East and Sout Asia (and Southeast Asia to an extent) by Muslim travellers and merchants, and is very popular in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.”

As you can see, even with the global shortage in rice supply, the serving here is just simply exaggerated.  This order is for supposedly one person only but, to be honest, I think it is good for four, at the least. 

If you want to join Lasang Pinoy, Sunday, please click this link => LaPiS


10 comments on “LaPiS 016 – Rice, Rice, Rice”

  1. you are right, this is a big serving. wanna share?:D

  2. whoa! i’ve seen big servings, but not as big as this!:) d na kaya ng powers ko iyan! haha! how much does it cost though?

  3. for one person? gees, pasalamat sila im lowering my cholesterol intake, pero pag hindi, dat is just a half order to me =))

    ano yung parang brown na mani? dun sa lower ryt corner and dun sa inbetween thigh & drumstick

  4. chicken and rice is always a winner of a combo! yung rice lang siguro ang puwede i-share. yung chicken, puwede nang sulohin yan! hee hee. 🙂

  5. that is a huge serving. looks delish though 🙂

  6. that’s a massive serving! but YUM!

  7. hmmm, ganyan din ang ientry ko, rice and chicken thai thigh hehe…tipid pala ang meal paid for one pwede na sa four! Yumyum foto!

  8. I’ve had my share of LARGE servings in my part of the world and it’s crazy!

    I still love the way Pinoy’s serve their food because they give you really small servings! hahahaha 🙂 Hindi sulit pero hindi naman fattening!

    Here’s mine, hope you can drop by! La.Pi.S.: Rice

  9. wow, that is a family sized serving! and I thought American servings were huge 🙂

  10. sige, sa iyo na ang kanin, akin na lang ang manok 😀 (feeling low carb diet, haha!)

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