LaPiS 021 – Spicy

By: Leap of Faith

Nov 01 2008

Category: Lasang Pinoy Sundays


I was never a fan of spicy food.  So, when I saw that the theme for this week’s LaPiS was spicy, I immediately knew I was in big trouble.

Since I prefer sweet or salty dishes, I could not find anything spicy in our house.  The only thing I could think of were the black pepper corn, which I thought would be an interesting subject for a good macro shot.  I was wrong!  After taking several shots, I realized that no matter how you take a picture of a pepper corn, it will still be black, wrinkled ang ugly. Arggh! Anyway, I learned my lesson.  Next time pepper corn is better mixed with food (not with a camera).

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6 comments on “LaPiS 021 – Spicy”

  1. akala ko halloween pa rin ang theme! at first glace they looked liked tiny skulls!esp. the big ones in the middle! hahaha! or am i imagining things? uy baka magalit ka na sakn…pero y’know what i do with these kind of shots, i scatter them gently, in freestyle fashion… so there’s a bunch that will be farthest from the cam:) with the cam angled just a bit almost parallel to the surface…salamat for posting pa rin ha, friends tyo:)

  2. I enjoy peppercorns with motar and pestle lol! When I was a kid I’d volunteer doing that and neatly put them in bottles. I only enjoy that, like you I’m not into spicy foods…but I need to learn or have condiments na maanghang because of hubby.

    Anyway, I send you an email sana nkatulong! Have a nice week!

  3. Para pa lang mga raisins sila up-close – hahaha! 🙂 Next time, I think we would be better off ordering some spicy dish somewhere and taking a pic of that… whaddyathink? 😉

  4. Masarap naman ang peppercorn lalo na sa steak…

    Mine’s here and here

    Happy La.Pi.S!

  5. ay talaga you don’t like spicy food? nice try on the peppercorns, keith. limited lang kasi ang kayang gawin ng camera natin. hee hee. mine is only good upto 12cm away from the subject. i think. 😀

  6. haaaa? why not??? spice is our friend! 🙂

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