LaPiS 022 – Left Overs

By: Leap of Faith

Jan 11 2009

Category: Lasang Pinoy Sundays


This is my version of the classic bread pudding – made out of stale/left over bread.  I really do not know how to cook or bake so you can just imagine how difficult it was for me to think of an entry for this week’s theme.  Fortunately, I was able to find this (stock) photo of my first attempt in baking. 

The recipe is simple: mash a few slices of bread, pour a few cups of milk, crack some eggs, add sugar, raisins and cinnamon and then bake in an oven (or turbo broiler in our case). My wife also accidentally discovered that adding a few spoons of peanut butter can make this simple dessert really something to die for.

A lot of people love to eat this warm but I prefer having mine chilled. Whatever which way you eat it, this dessert is tops in my list.








6 comments on “LaPiS 022 – Left Overs”

  1. Yes, swirling in a tablespoon or so of peanut butter proved a pleasant surprise! What serendipity can do nga naman!

    So when do you plan of preparing this again? The stale bread in the fridge “await your command” – hehehe! 😉

  2. hwaw keith! i didn’t know you bake! bravo!:) so you’re back in circulation ha:) welcome back then!:)

  3. hmmm…great idea for leftover bread, esp with the addition of peanut butter! I have some stale bread that I air dried to be converted to bread crumbs, but they are piling up faster than I can use them! So maybe I will turn them into pudding!

  4. with peanut butter? eh mukhang magugustuhan ng mister ko ito dahil mukhang p.b. yun he he

    sir, u bake pala…galing ha, daig mo ako..takot ako mag bake eh ha ha ha!

    ako nga pala aymay entry din

  5. hmm ganito lang pala ka simple ang try nga 🙂

    salamat sa pagbisita

  6. i love bread puddings, but i don’t mash my bread. I cube them. It gives a better texture (and I soak them overnight with the custard too)…
    Check out my left-over :o)

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