Date Tree

By: Leap of Faith

Nov 22 2009

Category: Random Photos


I took this picture a few months ago during Scott Kelby’s Photowalk here in our town.  I’ve never shared this since I was not totally happy about the photos I took then.  What made me change my mind?  I guess I realized that photography is about hits and misses too.  This shot is just from one of those days. 


2 comments on “Date Tree”

  1. It’s okay, Hon… doesn’t look like a “major miss” at all – very promising pa nga, if I may say so! 😀 And I’m not biased when I say this ha! 😉

    You may want to work your D90 some more beyond the auto setting if you really are serious about getting better quality photos. Whaddyathink?

  2. Naku, I’m sure biased comment yan. Anyway, I know I have to move on and try those manual settings. It’s just that I get so freaked out thinking there are so many knobs and buttons that you have to fix before you take a picture. Aside from that, reading that thick manual is enough to make me content with the auto settings. Inshallah, I’ll get over that feeling soon.

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