The Photographer

Sometime in the latter part of 2005, I was offered a job to work for a prestigious bank here in the Middle East (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).  Accepting this work opportunity was one of the most difficult decisions my wife and I had to make especially since it involved relocating our whole family.  Countless times we prayed fervently for discernment and consulted many of our closest family and friends in order to help us make this crucial decision.  Finally, we decided to make a bold Leap of Faith!

My family and I made so many major adjustments in our lives and these are documented in my online journals, which I am inviting you all to view.  Since that time, we have become more adjusted to this new life we have chosen in our (temporary) desert home. 

I continue to write about our adventures.  However, I also created this new site in order to allow me to post photographs that I have taken using my trusted Nokia N70 and my 4.1 megapixel Sony Digital Camera (DSC P43).  As you can clearly see, I am a novice at this new hobby.

Anyway, I have said enough. Please feel free to go through my entries and leave your comments.

Now, I am Clicking Away! 


PS: Since I wrote this “about me” page, my wife bought me a Panasonic Lumix FZ18 for my last birthday.  Hopefully, a better camera should help me improve in my craft (naks!).  — Leap 15Jun08



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